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Meeting a Diverse Range of Educational and Medical Needs

November 17th, 2022

Founded in 1865 to meet the educational needs of central Kentucky, the University of Kentucky has grown to produce the largest student enrollment in the Commonwealth as well as obtaining the highest ranking for a research university in the Bluegrass state. This thriving city also boasts a wide range of luxury, mid-range and budget hotels in Lexington, KY for both visiting students and parents and those accompanying healthcare patients seeking treatment through UK’s medical network.

The University of Kentucky’s diverse student population pursues higher learning through 16 colleges, 4 professional programs, 66 doctoral programs, 99 master programs, 93 undergraduate programs, and a graduate school. There is also a wealth of resources for students to draw from via 15 campus libraries.

Besides education, many students attend the University of Kentucky to participate in the energetic sports programs which are topped by the UK Wildcats men’s basketball team. The Kentucky Wildcats have won eight NCAA basketball tournament titles and was the first college basketball team in the country to reach 2,000 wins. Fans from around the country and across the nation come to UK’s Rupp Arena to engage in vibrant Wildcats basketball games and tournaments while staying in hospitable and comfortable hotels in Lexington, Ky.

The University of Kentucky is recognized further as a leader in healthcare. The university produces a large number of well-trained, highly qualified and caring medical professionals through its colleges of medicine, dentistry, health sciences, public health, and nursing. Many of these fine healthcare specialists go on to provide medical care to thousands of patients each year via UK Healthcare’s network of hospitals, clinics and centers.

Some of the fine healthcare facilities which fall under the umbrella of UK Healthcare are the UK Chandler Hospital, Polk-Dalton Clinic, Kentucky Clinic, Good Samaritan Hospital, UK Healthcare East, Kentucky Children’s Hospital, and Kentucky Clinic South. There are also 80 specialty clinics and more than 140 outreach clinics tied into this large and efficient network of healthcare services. People from Lexington and across the Commonwealth, as well as from other states, seek treatment for illness and disease at these fine facilities. Family and friends accompanying patients from out of town find a restful harbor in the many hotels in Lexington, Ky that surround UK’s healthcare centers.